We have carefully structured our group to enable our sophisticated customers to gain access to a very broad range of competence. With the aim of fulfilling everyone's expectations, we rely on specialized partner companies in the diverse fields, whose services we link together like building blocks, enabling individual projects to be created.

The GISS GROUP ensures that synergies occur in both directions. As the associated companies profit and grow with us together through our professional, interdisciplinary competence working as the interface between investors and companies.

We supply on the one hand the necessary strategies and objectives, on the other hand we take care of the budget planning. We bundle and focus the necessary resources and operations. We optimize the views of both parties. This means we provide the technical requirements in an unusually versatile manner and ensure that our investors are served in an optimal way, while at the same time we guarantee the desired utilization of our affiliated companies and also their financial requirements. This has enormous benefits for both sides. Due to this centralized management structure, each party has a central contact person who comes from our group. Both business partners - suppliers and investors – have an overview at any time, as the current project evolves.